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Teams account login information

Step 1: Find your pre assigned student password here.  All new and pre existing teams accounts now have a pre assigned password that cannot be changed.   Click here for instructions to find your students password.

Step 2: Go to and click the "sign in".

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Step 3: Enter your students name with first and last name separated by a period, followed by For example a student named John Smith would be entered  Then click next. If your students name is not showing as having an account please click here to fill out a tech support form.

name then next.jpg

Step 4: Enter the assigned password . Then click "sign in".  If your password is not working,  have lost or forgot it please click here to fill out a tech support form.

enter pass sign in.jpg

Step 5: 


Click on the Teams icon

Contact Tech Support

Thanks for submitting!

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Tech support
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