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OPCA is happy to announce that we will be using Microsoft teams for distance learning. Please follow the instructions below to log into your new Microsoft account. At the bottom of the page is a help desk form for you to fill out if you have any issues with your user name or password. 

Step 1: Go to www.office.com and click the "sign in".

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Step 2: Enter your students name with first and last name separated by a period, followed by @oldplankca.com. For example a student named John Smith would be entered John.Smith@oldplankca.com.  Then click next. If your students name is not showing as having an account please click here to fill out a tech support form.

Step 3: Enter the password provided at the drive thru orientation. Then click "sign in".  If you do not have a password , have lost or forgot it please click here to fill out a tech support form.

Step 4: Please type the password from step 3 for "current password" and then a password of your choosing on the "new password" line. Confirm the new password by typing it again on the "confirm password" line then click sign in.  

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Step 5: Click next at the "more information required" box

Step 6: Please click " Set them up now" on the third option. This will allow your student to select security questions in case he/she forgets and needs to reset the password.  Once 3 security questions are configured click "finish"

Step 7: Congratulations, your student now has access to Microsoft office! Click the icons to access the Microsoft apps

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