Lunch Menu

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11/12- Taco Tuesday!

11/13- Pizza Casserole , Salad, Fruit

11/14- Chicken Nuggets

11/15- Pizza Friday!

11/18- Chicken Sandwich, Mac N Cheese, Fruit

11/19- Taco Tuesday!

11/20- Meatball Subs

11/21 Thanksgiving Luncheon

11/22 Corn Dogs

Thanksgiving luncheon: $8 for adults  $6 for students



Homemade Cornbread dressing, Homemade Sweet potato casserole, Green Beans, Mashed potatoes , gravy , butter & roll,

Cranberry sauce and a whole variety of desserts

*All meal entrees will include a choice of two sides: all vegetables, desserts, fruit and salads are considered to be side dishes. All meals will include a drink.
**in rare cases the menu will be subject to change without notice.
*Peanut Butter & Jelly available upon Request.
* Strawberry or Peach Yogurt available daily