Lunch Menu

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1/10 Pizza Day


1/13  Chicken Sandwich  chips   fruit


1/14  Taco Day

1/15  Pancakes, Scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit


1/16  Corn Dogs


1/17  Pizza Day


1/20 No school

1/21 Taco Tuesday


1/22 Cheese burger, baked beans, fruit

1/23  Chicken Nuggets

1/24 Pizza Day


1/27  Chopped steak, Rice and Gravy, green beans


1/28 Taco Day


1/29 Hot dogs


1/30 Meatball subs


1/31 Pizza day




*All meal entrees will include a choice of two sides: all vegetables, desserts, fruit and salads are considered to be side dishes. All meals will include a drink.
**in rare cases the menu will be subject to change without notice.
*Peanut Butter & Jelly available upon Request.
* Strawberry or Peach Yogurt available daily