Defender Music Department

Remind Codes:
4th Grade Music-  @music4opca
5th Grade Music- @music5opca
Defender Band- @opcaband
Chorus- @opcachorus
Seesaw Codes:
Concert Band: MSQD FGBK
Intermediate Band: PFBR RXDU
Beginning Band: HMVK DVHB
Varsity Chorus: WWXB JRNI
5th Grade Music: QXLF FEIG
4th Grade Music: VQLN ACSH

How to access Seesaw

Click on this link to watch a video tutorial on how to access Seesaw from home.

1. Download the Seesaw Class app on your phone or tablet or visit on your computer.

2. Click the "I'm a Student" button.

3. Enter your class code (see above) in the "text code" box.

4. Sign in with the same email you will be using for Google Classroom.


*Please note that all students must do this, even if they have previously used Seesaw during the year. Some things had to be reset so that everyone will be able to access Seesaw from home. If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email ( or remind (codes above). Thank you for all of your patience as we seek to give you the best learning opportunities possible. - Mrs. Albritton