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The Junior High program serves students in grades seven through eight. In addition to academics, a wide range of school sports is offered. Private and group music lessons are also offered. Each student has seven classes each day and learns to accept responsibility for both school materials and schedules. The Junior High faculty are well-equipped to minister to each student and reinforce Biblical values.

7th – 8th
Courses filled with clear, vibrant lessons in grades 7–8 build on the foundation laid during your child’s elementary years and effectively prepare her for high school. Skills-based math and English classes help develop reasoning skills, while textbook exercises ensure long-term mastery of each concept. Your child’s interest will be captivated as she discovers the overall picture of God’s purpose and plan in history. Stimulating lessons go through a logical progression of events and ideas in world history, followed by a more detailed look at American history. Classroom demonstrations and invigorating discussions about life science and earth/space science bring the world to life. In Bible class, students learn how to practically apply God’s Word to their life through studying select books from the Old and New Testament and memorize Scripture reinforcing these concepts. After completing grades 7–8, your child will be ready to successfully transition into the high school years.
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