Due to the changing nature of this volatile situation, the following list of reopening health and safety precautions, protocols and procedures is tentative.  If further mandates are passed down from the authorities, this list may change.



  1. Families should keep children at home if their child has a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and displays symptoms of COVID-19 or has had exposure to someone with COVID-19 virus. 

  2. Temperature checks and symptom screening will be provided for all students, faculty and staff.  Each person will be screened upon arrival each day. 

  3. Students who develop a fever or COVID-19 symptoms during the school day or aftercare times will be required to leave school campus promptly.

  4. Students will be heavily instructed on personal sanitization and hand washing.  Students will be encouraged and expected to practice these methods consistently.

  5. Hand sanitizing stations will be available in all classrooms and at entrances and exits to campus buildings.

  6. Signs and floor markers will be posted to encourage social distancing in queues and traffic flow.

  7. Social distancing will be exercised to the extent possible in all classrooms and learning environments.  

  8. Water fountains will not be used during this time.  (Students are to bring personal water in clear bottles)

  9. Lockers will most likely not be used.  Teachers will make accommodations to avoid excessively heavy backpack weight. 

  10. Playground use will be limited to one class at a time and will be sanitized between classes.

  11. Students are encouraged to wear face coverings in hallways and other “public spaces” while on campus.  (Parents may request for their child to wear a face covering at all times.  This will be allowed.)

  12. Lunch will be eaten as socially distant as possible.  Options include, rotating lunch in the cafeteria with smaller groups, lunch outside, lunch in classrooms, etc.  Lunches from the cafeteria will be available for purchase and delivered to the eating location. 

  13. Chapel Services will be modified in order to practice social distancing.

  14. Extra sanitization of classrooms, buildings, surfaces and spaces will be in place.

  15. Precautions will be in place with OPCA athletics per guidelines of our athletic associations, the Florida Department of Health and the CDC.

  16. Students will learn and practice methods and platforms that will be used in Distance Learning in the event that this becomes a necessity in the future.

  17. Campus visitors will have limited access and will be screened before entrance to campus buildings.  Visitors to campus may be required to wear face coverings.

  18. OPCA will continue to monitor guidelines, recommendations and mandates from the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Department of Health, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others.  Our procedures and protocols will be updated and amended as necessary to maintain the health and safety of our amazing students, faculty, staff and families!


We are looking forward to seeing OPCA students in the fall!  We are excited to have your family as a part of this wonderful school.  We believe God has great things in store as we begin this new academic year!!


Old Plank Christian Academy