To the Old Plank Ministries Family and the Community,
The ministries of Old Plank Road Baptist Church are deeply saddened by the circumstances surrounding Brian Reed.
We are deeply concerned for the well-being, recovery and safety of the victim and her family. We are in prayer for this precious family that the Lord will bring healing and help in this very difficult time.
We are praying for wisdom for the authorities that are handling this case. From the moment the situation was brought to our attention, appropriate actions were taken by the leadership of Old Plank Ministries, including the immediate termination of Mr. Reed. Law enforcement and other official agencies were also contacted immediately (April 18, 2018).
Utmost care and discretion have been practiced to protect the victim, her family, the students in our ministries, and the family of the accused. The ministries of Old Plank have and are currently fully cooperating with the agencies involved in this investigation.
Thank you and may God bless you.



Gary Griffis , Principal

Old Plank Christian Academy

Larry McGinley, Pastor

Old Plank  Road Baptist Church