Our History


Old Plank Christian Academy was founded in 2005 to meet the academic, spiritual, physical and social needs of our students. It is the goal of our dedicated faculty and staff to equip students enrolled in OPCA with the academic skills and character training necessary for success beyond their school careers.


Our campus is located at 8964 Old Plank Road Jacksonville, Florida 32220.

In addition to classroom space, our facilities include music auditoriums, a gymnasium, a computer lab with new computers, various athletic fields, and playgrounds.


Old Plank Christian Academy has achieved accreditation status through NAPS (National Association of Private Schools, napsaccreditation.com) as well as through FCCPSA (Florida Coalition of Private Schools Accreditation)

We offer the advantage of a lower student to teacher ratio than can be provided by most public schools. This ratio, combined with a loving but firm approach to discipline and dress code, promotes an atmosphere in which learning can take place.